ELJ Publications

ELJ Publications http://www.eljpublications.com Editor Ariana D. Den Bleyker Description We read BLIND. We will get a feel for who you are through your words, your stories and your voice. When we fall in love with your manuscript and find out who you are, we still won’t care about your pedigree. We will care most about […]

Damaged Goods Press

Damaged Goods Press http://www.damagedgoodspress.com Editor Caseyrenée Lopez Description Damaged Goods is a micro-press specializing in queer/trans poetry and flash fiction chapbooks. Our goal is simple: publish four (4) chapbooks a year that revolve around the beauty and terror of queer life. More often than not, people forget about the T & Q in LGBTQ. Trans […]

Blood Pudding Press

Blood Pudding Press http://julietcook.weebly.com/blood-pudding-press.html Editor Juliet Cook Description Contemporary poetry is Blood Pudding Press’s primary passion. Other interests include art, oddities, paranormal, the gurlesque, the artsy grotesque, the artsy feminist, kinky hybrids, unusual juxtapositions, and variants of horror and erotica that are not too genre-esque. Here’s the Blood Pudding Press blog – http://bloodyooze.blogspot.com/ Here’s the […]

NightBallet Press

NightBallet Press http://www.nightballetpress.com Editor Dianne Borsenik Description NightBallet Press is an independent small press, interested in the musicality of language and the originality of expression in poetry, with a commitment to excellence. Manuscripts are by invitation, although a brief query/cover letter with sample poems included may be sent to nightballetpress@gmail.com. Books are released as time […]

Crisis Chronicles Press

Crisis Chronicles Press http://ccpress.blogspot.com/ Editor John Burroughs Description Since 2008 Crisis Chronicles Press has published dozens of chapbooks and full-length books by authors including D.R. Wagner, Alex Gildzen, Dianne Borsenik, Heather Ann Schmidt, Yahia Lababidi, John Dorsey, Frankie Metro, J.E. Stanley, Steven B. Smith, Kathy Smith, Steve Brightman, Mary Weems, R.A. Washington, Michael Bernstein, Bree, […]